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Jan 12,2016


HOO CHEMTEC  CO., LTD manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of oil field production chemicals and industrial chemicals.

Especially our advantage product of  Polyacrylamide,has good performance  in oil field and oil exploitation. PAM can be used as additives for a variety of purposes, such as drilling fluid, fracturing fluid, and polymer flooding to enhance oil recovery.

1.As drilling fluid additive

Drilling fluid used as drilling mud performance regulating agent in petroleum exploitation. The role of PAM is to regulate the rheology of drilling fluid, carrying cuttings, lubrication bit, favorable drilling. In addition, it can greatly reduce the accident, reduce the abrasion of equipment, and can prevent the occurrence of hole leakage and collapse, the caliper rules. Partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide (HPAM), potassium polyacrylamide is often used in this context, it by PAM or polyacrylonitrile hydrolysis.

2.As a polymer oil-displacing agent

Polymer flooding technology plays an important role in improving oil recovery. Effect of polymer is adjusting the injection water flow, the actuation of liquid viscosity increases, improve the waterflood sweep efficiency, reduce the water phase permeability formation, water and oil can flow forward at a uniform rate. Polymer flooding is the injection water with a certain amount of polyacrylamide to increase viscosity of injected water, improving water oil mobility ratio. Due to the formation of poly acrylamide molecular adsorption, capture effect, and reduce the high and medium permeability layer or high, water flooded reservoir permeability, an increase of injection water seepage resistance, the low permeability layer or low and non water flooded layer of water absorption rate increases, expansion of the injected water in the reservoir plane spread to the scope of the reservoir and the vertical waterflooded thickness, thereby expanding the volume of water flooded, the water flooding of unused crude oil displacement for out to improve oil recovery.

3. As a water shutoff agent, profile control agent

Well water is a common problem existing in the development of oilfield, especially long-term water flooding development in old oilfield. Due to differences in the heterogeneity of the reservoir and oil, the viscosity of water, causing water between injection well and production well along the high permeability layer or crack onrush and fingering, resulting in production wells premature flooding and declining oil production, water cut rising. Injected water is easy to enter the high permeable strip belt or cracks around the low permeability with, reduce the sweep efficiency of the injected water, resulting in low permeability reservoir producing degree is low or even the unused. Water flooding is widely used in oil field in our country, the water cut of oil wells has reached 90%, which has many oilfield water has reached more than 98 percent. At present, using polyacrylamide as the representative of the water soluble polymer is used at home and abroad water plugging material, the most extensive and most effective.

Profile control and water plugging the basic principle is: in a certain concentration of HPAM solution adding cross-linking agent, cross-linking agent in high valence metal ion formation in multinuclear olation complex ion form and polyacrylamide in the carboxyl groups or amide ligand binding.

4. As fracturing fluid additive

Fracturing is an important stimulation of oilfield development of dense layer, its function is to open the rock channel, let the oil flow. Methylene polyacrylamide Crosslinked Fracturing Fluid with high viscosity, low friction, good hanging sand ability and convenient preparation and low cost and is widely used;


PAM oilfield projects primarily used PAM supplied as a solid powder. This powder is then hydrated to form an aqueous solution. More conveniently, most PAM oilfield projects now use PAM supplied in emulsion form as liquids, offering a more efficient and faster way to get the PAM into the aqueous solution.

The main common use of polyacrylamide is in subsurface applications such as enhanced oil recovery, where high viscosity aqueous solutions can be injected to improve the economics of conventional water flooding.

For oil extraction applications, PAM is used to increase the viscosity of water to improve the effectiveness of the water flooding process. In other words, the PAM-injected solution assists in sweeping (or pushing) oil locked in a reservoir towards a production pump. The result is improved volumetric sweep efficiency – more oil is produced for a given volume of water injected into the well.


Chinese PAM producers are the worldwide technological leaders with respect to the chemical compound’s usage in enhanced oil recovery.

Polyacrylamide is mainly used for drilling mud material and improving oil recovery rate. It is widely used in drilling, completion, cementing, fracturing, enhanced oil and other oil field mining operations, with increasing viscosity, filtrate loss, flow regulation, gelling, diversion, profile adjustment and other functions.

Currently, our country oil field mining has entered late, to enhance oil recovery, the key to promote polymer flooding oil and ternary combination flooding oil technology. Through the injection of polyacrylamide aqueous solution, to improve the oil flow ratio, so that the production of oil content in the Central Plains to improve. in our country because of the special geological conditions, Daqing Oilfield and Shengli Oilfield has begun to widely to use the polymer flooding technology.


Our products has an extensive range of applications, including crude oil water separation, water injection treatment, enhancing oil well productivity as well as crude oil pumping and flowing. HOO CHEMTEC Chemicals can also be used to protect down hole completions, pipelines and process facilities against corrosion and scale formation.

•  Corrosion Inhibitors

•  Down-Hole Corrosion Inhibitors

•  Pour Point Depressants

•  Condensate Treatments

•  Water Base Corrosion Inhibitors

•  Anti-Foulants

•  Oil Spill Dispersants

•  Drilling Detergents

•  Treatment of oilfield wastewater

we combine high quality products and technical capabilities with a highly competent, versatile, and customer-focused team.We are constantly improving the quality and reliability of our products and strive for greater efficiency and productivity;

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