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Applications of polyacrylamide
Apr 13,2020

Applications of polyacrylamide


1 water treatment field

Polyacrylamide in water treatment application in industry including raw water treatment, sewage treatment and industrial water treatment in 3 aspects. With the use of in the treatment of raw water, polyacrylamide and activated carbon, for the life of the suspended particles in the water condensation and clarify; in sewage treatment. Polyacrylamide can be used for sludge dewatering; in industrial water treatment, mainly used as pharmaceutical formulations of polyacrylamide. In water treatment, organic flocculant polyacrylamide instead of inorganic flocculants, even if does not transform the sedimentation pond, water purification capacity can also be increased by 20% above. So now many large and medium-sized city in the water supply or poor water quality, using polyacrylamide as a supplement. In wastewater treatment, the use of polyacrylamide can increase the utilization rate of water recycling.

2 petroleum production area

In oil exploitation. Polyacrylamide is mainly used for drilling mud material and improving oil recovery rate. It is widely used in drilling, completion, cementing, fracturing, enhanced oil and other oil field mining operations, with increasing viscosity, filtrate loss, flow regulation, gelling, diversion, profile adjustment and other functions. Currently our country oil field mining has entered late, to enhance oil recovery, the key to promote polymer flooding oil and ternary combination flooding oil technology. Through the injection of polyacrylamide aqueous solution, to improve the oil flow ratio, so that the production of oil content in the Central Plains to improve. Foreign polyacrylamide application in oil fields at present, in our country because of the special geological conditions, Daqing Oilfield and Shengli Oilfield has begun to widely to use the polymer flooding technology.

3 papermaking field

Polyacrylamide is widely used in the field of paper as a resident agent, filter aid, and so on. Its role is can improve paper quality, enhances the pulp dehydration performance, improve fine fiber and filler retention, reduce the consumption of raw materials and the pollution to the environment. The use of Polyacrylamide in papermaking effect depends on the activity of the average molecular weight, ionic nature, ionic strength and other copolymer. Non ionic polyacrylamide is mainly used for improve the filter paper pulp, increase dry paper strength, increase the fiber and filler retention; anionic copolymer is mainly used for dry and wet paper reinforcing agent and resident agent; cationic copolymer is mainly used for papermaking wastewater treatment and filtration with, also for improve the filler retention rate also good results. In addition, polyacrylamide should also be used for papermaking wastewater treatment and fiber recovery.

4 textile printing and dyeing industry

In the textile industry, polyacrylamide (PAM) as fabric after treatment of sizing agent, finishing agent, can generate smooth, wrinkle free, mold resistant protective layer. Of can reduce spun yarn breakage rate; polyacrylamide were treatment agent can prevent electrostatic and flame retardant fabric with its strong absorption characteristics; used for printing and dyeing auxiliaries, PAM can make the product attached fastness, Brilliantness high, can also used as a bleaching of non silicone polymer stabilizers; in addition, polyacrylamide can be used for textile printing and dyeing wastewater purification efficiency.

5 other areas

In the field of mining, coal washing, settlement by polyacrylamide ulants to promote mining, coal washing water recycling solids, make the water clear, and recycling of useful solid particles, to avoid pollution to the environment; in the sugar industry, PAM can accelerate the juice in the fine particles sink, promote filtering and improve filtrate clarity; in the breeding industry, PAM can improve water quality, increase the light transmittance of water, thereby improving water photosynthesis; in the pharmaceutical industry, polyacrylamide flocculants used for separation of antibiotics used for the Fu type adhesive tablet and process water clarifying agent; in building materials industry, polyacrylamide is used as thickening agent, coating stone sawing coolant and ceramic bonding agent; in agriculture, polyacrylamide superabsorbent materials can be used as Soil moisture agent and seed culture agent, etc.. In the construction industry, PAM can enhance the hardness of gypsum cement, asbestos cement to accelerate the dehydration rate. In addition, polyacrylamide can be used as protection of natural or synthetic leather coatings and additives;

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