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Sodium nitrite

  • Synonyms: SODIUM NITRITE
  • Categories: Corrosion inhibitor
  • Molecular Formula: NaNO2
  • Molecular Weight:69.00
  • UN Code.:UN 1487/1487/1500
  • Customs Code:2834100000
  • CAS NO.:7632-00-0
  • EINES NO.:231-555-9
  • Package:50KG/DRUM
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Sodium Nitrite


white to slight yellowish crystalline powder.

sodium nitrite main types:

sodium nitrite ,food grade;

sodium nitrite ,industry grade;


soluble in water, liquid ammonia, slightly soluble in ethanol, glycerol.

Sodium nitrate in the enamel industry as a flux, oxidizing agents and for the preparation of enamel powder raw materials. Sodium nitrate in the glass industry for a variety of glass and products, bleaching agents, defoamers, clarifying agents and oxidative flux. Sodium nitrate as the inorganic industrial fusion of caustic soda used in the manufacture of bleaching agents and other nitrates. Sodium nitrate in the food industry as a meat-processing hair color agent, to prevent deterioration of meat, and can play the role of seasoning. Sodium nitrate in the fertilizer industry as a quick application of acidic soil fertilizer, especially for root crops. In the dye industry in the production of picric acid and sodium nitrate is used as raw materials for dyes.

Sodium nitrate in the metallurgical industry as steel, aluminum alloy heat-treatment agent. Of sodium nitrate used in the machine the industrial metal cleaning agent and preparation of ferrous metals blue agent. Sodium nitrate in the pharmaceutical industry as a penicillin medium. Sodium nitrate in the cigarette industry as tobacco combustion-supporting agent. Sodium nitrate in Analytical Chemistry for chemical reagents. In addition, the sodium nitrate is also used in the production of explosives used in the enamel, glass industry, dye industry, medicine, agriculture as fertilizer.