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Activated carbon

  • Synonyms: Activated Charcoal
  • Categories: Desiccant
  • Molecular Formula:C
  • Molecular Weight:12.01
  • UN Code.:N/A
  • Customs Code:3802109000
  • CAS NO.:7440-44-0
  • EINES NO.:264-846-4
  • Package:50KG/BAG
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Activated carbon


black columnar,flake,granular or powder.

Activated carbon main types:

Activated Carbon Coal Based for purifying water and air;

Activated Carbon Coal Based for desulfurization;

Activated Carbon wood Based powder for medicinal;

Activated Carbon wood Based powder for drinking water;

Activated Carbon wood Based powder for  caramel decolorization ;

Activated Carbon Coconut Based for desulfurization;

Activated Carbon Coconut Based powder for  caramel decolorization ;

Activated Carbon wood Based powder for  gold extracting;


1,purifying water and air;

2,adsorbing (collecting, recovering.separating and refining of poisonous substances, adsorbing and filtering radioactivity substances and microorganism ) desulfating,recovering of solvent and steam ; catalyst and catalyst carriers.

3, It also can be used in living domain, such as making activated carbon shoe pad, health care mattress, pillow core, the refrigerator diesinker and so on, and has good deodorizing effect.

4 foodstuff industry(gournment powder and water purification ) 

5 mine,metallurgy and steel mand(gold charcoal)

6 refine chemical (petro chemical sweeten)

7 medical  ethene desalt water charcoal

8 waste water recycling treatment before
9 biological wastewater treatment
10toxic waste water treatment
11 liquid phase adsorption, such as using active carbon adsorption in the sugar industry discolor the sugar solution;Use active carbon discolor the organic material in chemical industry;Use active carbon to purify the organic impurities in plating bath, to guarantee the quality of plating surface and used for removing phenol wastewater, etc.