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Sodium formate

  • Synonyms: Sodium Formate
  • Categories: Dicing,snow melting
  • Molecular Formula:CHNaO2
  • Molecular Weight:68.01
  • UN Code.:N/A
  • Customs Code:2915120000
  • CAS NO.:141-53-7
  • EINES NO.:205-488-0
  • Package:25KGS/BAG
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Sodium Formate

Appearance:white granule or powder.

Sodium Formate main type:

Sodium Formate 90%;

Sodium Formate 95%;

Sodium Formate 99%;


Dry spread :Spreading the snow-melting into snow ground by man or machine directly .The reference to the amount of spreading is 30-50g/m2 below 50mm. It should increase the amount of spreading or times in the case of above 50mm or low temperature .

Spray solution: lease compound snow-melting to the reference of 20% concentration aqueous solution and spray on the snowfield. When the snow is below 50mm , the reference amount of spraying is 0.4L/M2 ,in the case of above 50mm or low temperature ,please increase the amounts of spraying or times .

1.high quality road ,high-specification square .

2.Reinforced concrete overpass.

3.parking and railway and air port;

4.Golf course .