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Ferric chloride hexahydrate

  • Synonyms:
  • Categories: Coagulant
  • Molecular Formula:FeCl3•6H2O
  • Molecular Weight:270.2962
  • UN Code.:UN NO.:3260
  • Customs Code:2827399000
  • CAS NO.:10025-77-1
  • EINES NO.:231-729-4
  • Package:50kgs/iron drum, as per customer’s demand.
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Ferric chloride hexahydrate is a chemical substancethe molecular formula is FeCl3·6H2O.This product is yellowish-brown crystalline powder or lump solid, odorless, astringent.Melting point 37 ℃. Boiling point 280-285 ℃.Soluble in water, ethanol, ether. Insoluble in glycerol,Insoluble in glycerol.The solution is acidic and can coagulate the protein.It has deliquescence and can deliquescence into a reddish-brown liquid in air.

Method of composition of ferric chloride hexahydrate:

The iron filings are dissolved in hydrochloric acid to form ferrous chloride, which is then oxidized to ferric chloride by chlorine gas. The concentrated ferric chloride solution is cooled, and the solution is precipitated out six crystal waters as ferric chloride hexahydrate.

Ferric chloride hexahydrate uses:

Wastewater purification precipitating agent.

Water purification agent (drinking water).

Organic synthesis catalyst.

Pharmaceutical industry.

Oxidants and coal dyes for the dye industry.

Chlorination agent for metallurgical industry.

Etching agent.